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Legend of DICE
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Legend of DiCE About DICE

Sponsored Teams

Legend of DICE provides avid gamers with video game reviews, clubs, teams, videos and tournaments.  If your team has good sportsmanship and you are interested in joining LegendofDICE.com then let us know (XBOX Gamertag xMrsDICEx and xMrDICEx). If you do not already have a team page we will provide you with a page at legendofDICE.com/YOURTEAM.html and add any team info, such as name, leaders and ranks, numbers, bios, pictures, movies, etc. you can always have us change the layout, fonts, colors, etc. and if you are interested we can make a team video for youtube!  

If you are a team leader and you would like a team sponsorship from Legend of DiCE please fill out the e-mail form at Contact DiCE or e-mail xMrsDICEx@legendofdice.com.   We recommend you send the following information with the sponsorship request:

Full Team Name

Full List of Team Members (Roster)

Any Team or Individual Player Bios

Any Links to Official Facebook, Youtube, or Other Team Websites

Notify of Any Pictures in Storefront/File Share

Notify of Any Videos to be gifted or in File Share for the making of a Team Video

Team page layout request (if you would like for me to base your page from another Sponsored Teams)

Once your page has been made I will message you the URL and you can have me change any fonts/layouts, etc.  Feel free to message me with any questions regarding the above Sponsorship requests.  Please remember that we are a community of people just trying to have fun with games, we engage in friendly competition tournaments and we do not tolerate poor sportsmanship.   ANY DRAMA BETWEEN TEAMS AND PLAYERS MUST BE DEALT WITH OUTSIDE OF LEGEND OF DICE OR BOTH SPONSORSHIPS WILL BE REVOKED.


I started playing video games back when Super Mario Bros. Was the biggest hit in the gaming world, I played it and played it until I could beat it in 7 minutes. Slowly, I progressed to games like Demon Sword, and Goldeneye 007, but out of all the games I started playing it was always the racing games such as San Francisco Rush, Rush 2049, and Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit that were my favorite. It wasn’t until after high school, and some college, that I finally got to play XBOX, and instantly I was taken in by the graphics and design of their games like FABLE, and Need for Speed: Underground 1-2 and the HALO storyline. Even more years would pass before I ever even thought gaming online could be attainable for me... But finally in the fall of 2007 after acquiring my very own 360, I brought my skills to LIVE.

My wife and I are in our twenties with three beautiful destructive children and lots of spare time to kill, doing what we love best... driving fast, killing bad guys (in video games of course) and reading Stephen King books.

We play a lot of games together but my true addiction is drifting on Forza 3, and hers is SWAT on HALO 3.  Though we both love Fable 1-2, Two Worlds, Too Human, Midnight Club, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1-2,  Left 4 Dead 1-2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Assassins Creed 1 - 2.